Monday, July 18, 2011

Project-Based Learning Livebinder

Me and my partner finished presenting at CAMT today.  It is amazing the ideas you can get when you give teachers the time to reflect on their learning and how they would use the activity you showed them.
I finally finished the livebinder that goes along with the Reinventing Project-Based Learning book.  This books gives such a wealth of resources I had to organize all of them into a livebinder to make sure I didn't forget about all these resources.  Please respond with your comments on the question below!

How could use this livebinder to help you when designing projects for your students?


  1. I'm just starting with LIvebinders for this coming school year. I will look through yours as soon as possible. I teach with PBL at Manor New Tech HS in Manor, Texas. Didn't get to CAMT this year - hope you had fun.

  2. Thanks for this great resource. I can't wait to take some time to explore it further.