Friday, July 22, 2011

Blooms Taxonomy & Technology

     As I am reading several other education experts information on twitter I came across several links that support project-based learning that integrate technology.  Take time to look at these links and explore how you can incorporate different google tools and web 2.0 tools into your projects in order to keep students engaged.  The use of these tools support teachers creating an environment were students use higher-order thinking skills as part of their everyday work.
     Another attachment I have included is knowing the difference between using google docs, wiki, or a blog.  Teachers can utilize any of these technology tools with students in the PBL classroom, but  knowing when to use which one is the key.  The attachment will give you more detailed information on when to use each one and learn the basics of all the tools as well.

How will you use one of these technology tools to engage students in the PBL classroom?

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