Saturday, July 2, 2011


     Hi my name is Bobbie Carter and I am a campus instructional coach at Harrison Intermediate School in Wylie ISD.  My campus will be embarking on a new journey this school year by using the project-based learning philosophy.  I'm currently reading the book Reinventing Project-Based Learning that the Buck Institute supports along with this PBL journey.  I wanted to start this blog in order to document my journey and collaborate with my fellow educators on ideas you may have to help me along my journey.  As a campus instructional coach I work with all subject areas so all ideas are helpful.  I look forward to receiving comments and I am currently on chapter 7 in the book.  The first two chapters focused on creating collaboration in social networking such as a blog.  I have also created a PBL livebinder to help document and organize all the ideas plus URL sites that the book shares.  When the livebinder is complete I will post it as a link to my blog.  I look forward to any beginning advise you can give me.

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